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6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Diet in Check

Once you make that commitment to a healthier lifestyle and even a diet, it can get pretty tough to stay on track. In a sense, your mind starts to play tricks on you – making you think you’re hungrier than you actually are or that you just can’t stick to the program. Whether you’re launching a full force diet for the first time or you’re an old pro just trying to get back in the game, keep reading for some simple tricks for keeping your diet in check.

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6 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Diet in Check

1. Try fruit infused water rather than sugary juices or soft drinks. Here’s list of easy combinations you can make and their benefits.

fruit juices

2. Opt for a tiny shot glass sized dessert for that perfect sweet treat. Click here for a whole slew of offerings from Pinterest.


3. Try switching out your typical late night snacks for healthy options. Click here to see some of the posts I’ve written about my favorite healthy snack options. There are tons of great recipes to keep handy!

healthy option

4. Exchange veggies for pasta. Here’s a great recipe for beetroot pasta (shown below) from Shape magazine.beetroot raviolis

5. Eat small meals throughout the day so that you never feel overly hungry. small meals


6. Make protein a priority. Here’s a list of protein shake recipes under 300 calories. These are easy to start your day or to fill you up in the afternoon when cravings set in. Yum!

protein shake recipes

How’s your diet going? Can you incorporate some of these tricks to stay on track?

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